$224.25 (price includes shipping!)

• You can wash, dry and store all of your
diving gear in one convenient location.

• No more laying the wetsuit on the hedge to wash it.
No more hanging your gear all over the garage or basement to dry.

• No more folding or stuffing all of your
gear into a bag or trunk for storage.

• SCUBAMATE is designed to allow
proper air circulation for drying.

• We offer you a full, 30 day money back guarantee.


$63.00 (price includes shipping!)

This heavy duty denier high density urethane coated nylon bag is specially designed for your portable unit. Makes taking it with you easy and convenient.


$17.20 each (price includes shipping!)

SCUBAMATE is now a distributor of Baker Shoulder Saver Hangers. A perfect complement to your SCUBAMATE unit. These large shell style hangers hold wetsuits open to their natural shape, allowing air to circulatefor faster drying, while helping to prevent mildew and eliminate odors.